Charting Course for the Future

Herbert is a very quiet 8th grader.  He doesn’t talk much, but is always respectful and courteous, and good academically.  When New Orleans Outreach started offering the Power Ties career awareness workshops to Herbert and his classmates, he questioned whether it would be useful for him, and whether he’d have anything to contribute to his resume. 

“I haven’t done anything, so maybe this workshop is not for me…” he said. 

The Outreach coordinator probed a bit and discovered that Herbert has a passion for cooking.  In fact, he had cooked for many family gatherings and cooked dinner regularly at home.  He had no idea that this would be good fodder for his resume, or that his enjoyment of the cooking process could lead to a career. The coordinator helped Herbert document his cooking experience, and he walked out with his first professional resume

After that Herbert’s outlook on Power Ties and his own future changed dramatically.  He thoroughly enjoyed the remaining Power Ties workshops, was engaged in the mock interview practice sessions, and wrote our coordinator a beautiful thank-you  note about how much he appreciated the program and how it had changed his life.  Best of all, he was able to visit Emeril’s Delmonico restaurant on the day of jobsite visits and he showed a deep interest in the business and restaurant operations. 

Because the New Orleans Outreach Power Ties program helped crystallize his passion, Herbert now plans to go to culinary school after graduating high school.  He has a clear vision of having a successful career doing something he loves, and he now knows the steps to take to get there.  

As part of our “Back to School in New Orleans” campaign, this is the fourth in a series of short anecdotes about the children helped by one of our partner organization,  New Orleans Outreach and the volunteers and partners they utilize that are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of one – or thousands – of children each day.


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