Back to School in New Orleans

It has been said that two keys to rebuilding New Orleans are a re-built, solid levee system and a re-built, solid public education system. It’s ironic how both failures wreaked such havoc on our community. One took the blink of an eye and the other took decades.

I’m no engineer. I don’t own a bulldozer. But I can do something about public education in New Orleans. And together, you and I and our friends can make a real difference. If you care about New Orleans. If you care about the City’s renewal, about its rebirth. If you think public education is an integral component of a healthy, vibrant community. Please take some time to learn what New Orleans Outreach is doing to make public education in New Orleans something we can look upon with pride.

-Mike Boyle,  Director of Development for New Orleans Outreach

It’s Back to School time again. School starts here this week or next week, depending on the district, and everyone is gearing up for new schedules, routines and activities and events. It can be argued that each education system has its own flaws and issues. However, in the case of New Orleans, there has been systemic failure in the public school system for years prior to the devestation Hurricane Katrina wrought in 2005. Since then, there have been several bright spots in the educational system.

One of those bright spots have been the work that New Orleans Outreach has been able to do through community partnerships, volunteers, mentors, teachers and afterschool arts and academic programming.  Like Mike noted in his commentary above – it takes a lot of skill, know-how and materials to fix a levy system, but it only takes one person who cares to make a difference in the life of a child.

For the next six weeks, you’ll hear stories of success from those closest to New Orleans Outreach as we focus on going “Back to School in New Orleans”.

In the meantime, we encourage you to check out this video on YouTube or these photos, which gives a glimpse into the amazing work Outreach is doing for children in New Orleans. Take the time and share them with a friend or family member who also believes in improving education.

It only takes one to care and collectively, we can all make a big difference.



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