Do You Know What Your Kids are Doing Online?

Do you know what your kids are searching for when they are online?

In today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution, there is an articleon a recent survey by Symantec’s OnlineFamily.Norton service on the top 100 web searches by children.

The surprising results? “Sex” and “Porn” were two of the top search terms, coming in at #4 and #6, respectively. The entire Top 10 include:

1. YouTube

2. Google

3. Facebook

4. Sex

5. MySpace

6. Porn

7. Yahoo

8. Michael Jackson

9. Fred (A popular fictional characterwhose YouTube channel has become a hit among kids.)

10. eBay

With back to school season right around the corner (or  already here, for a handful of school districts across the country), now is the time to re-evaluate children’s computer usage – where the computer is located, what the ground  are for its use and what kind of monitoring will be used to ensure safety – not only from content, but from online predators.

Last fall, we focused heavily on Internet Safety among children as we honored John Walsh for his work protecting children from predators both on- and offline. As Internet Safety Day 2009 approaches (on September 27), we encourage all parents to take the time to get to know what their children are doing online and talk to them about safe behavior online.

Not sure where or how to start? Last year, we listed several resources from the FBI and others that give excellent advice on keeping children safe, how to have the tough conversations and suggested ground rules for Internet usage among children. You can also download the 2009 Internet Safety Day Parent’s Guide here for additional information.

Even if you feel like you are aware of what is going on with your children and the computer, we urge you to continue to have the conversation, to emphasize safety and to keep a vigilant eye on your most precious resource – your children.




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3 responses to “Do You Know What Your Kids are Doing Online?

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  2. Thanks for the links. More parents need to be informed about these things. As a father of 2, I want to know more about surfing trends of teens.

    You might find these links informative too:

  3. Cam


    Very insightful research. Who can I contact at your organization with more information on this blog post?



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