Helping Families in Need

This spring, Operation Kids teamed with musical artist Collin Raye to raise awareness and funds for families of children facing extraordinary medical expenses. One of the songs on Collin’s new CD Never Going Back, “She’s With Me,” was written as a tribute to his granddaughter, Haley, who suffers from an undiagnosed degenerative neurological disorder, helping him understand first-hand the challenges that parents of children with serious medical conditions face.

Over the course of two months many supporters helped raise several thousand dollars to help with the medical and logistical costs for families facing extreme challenges. This week, we sent a check to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association (COTA), an organization that helps provide funding assistance to families of children who need or have had a life-saving transplant. We have worked with COTA in the past and know that the money will make a great impact in the lives of several families, thanks to your generosity.

As part of the campaign, we also asked for people to submit their stories to share with others who were going through similar experiences. Several of you posted your stories on our online story hub here. We invite you to read them and share your own if you have one.

We sincerely appreciate people like those who in these economic times are so generous and willing to help where help is so desperately needed. As we receive the stories of the families who received funding as a result of your donations, we will be certain to share them with you.


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