Honoring The Mothers of Angels

I’ve spent a good deal of time silently weeping at my desk in weeks gone by as I have read the dozens of stories that have come in or been posted onlineas part of our two-month fundraising campaign with Collin Raye to raise money for seriously ill children and their families.

With Mother’s Day approaching, the volume of tears only threatens to increase, as people – mostly mothers – continue to share stories of brave, heroic children faced with a burden greater than anyone should ever be asked to bear. More than that, I think of what their mothers must endure each day – of the sacrifices they so willingly make to ensure the best medical care, the best quality of life, the best childhood possible for their very ill children – many of whom will never see adulthood. I wonder if I could be that strong if it was my daughter facing so many uphill battles.

This post is dedicated to those mothers – who face every day with determination, love and a love that runs deeper than anything many will ever comprehend. With that, I share some of the touching and inspiring stories we’ve received over the past couple of months:

kylerKyler & His Contagious Smile. Kyler was 4 days old when he underwent his first, of several, open heart surgeries … He underwent his 4th open heart surgery and 2nd stage of his heart “rewiring” in April, 2008.  We have managed to stay out of the hospital for almost a year!  Kyleris still not able to eat anything by mouth. He is crawling now andwill stand andpull himself up to things. He will NOT standunassisted, but that, too, will come withtime. He was on continuous oxygen until about a month ago, and now he is continuous at night, but only needs it now and again during the day … I thank GOD everyday for my kids. Whether they fight anddrive me up the wall at times, I am SO thankful that I have them here with me.(Read Kyler’s entire story here.) 

yxmtyakbmthogzj-58x43-croppedBennie’s Friend. Back in the day, My friend’s brother had Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida, and Developmental delays due to his medical conditions.  He was unable to speak but he could make his wants known by signing and gesturing.  The family took Bennie everywhere we went. When we went to the movies, to the amusement parks, picnics, and to neighborhood parties,  Bennie was always there, in his wheel chair.  He was just one of the kids.  We rode on his chair, played catch the ball, and never excluded him nor did we let others make fun or tease him.  Bennie was our Bennie and he was cool! (Read the rest of Bennie’s story here.)

hpim16511Our Incredible Journey. Two years ago, we adopted a newborn baby. Told he was healthy, we took him home and enjoyed every moment of his precious life. He was born at 27 weeks, spent 5 weeks in the NICU, andwas given to us. We thought things were going so well…until we found out his birth mother and he tested positive for copious amounts of cocaine at his birth … (Read the rest of of the story here.)

May every one of these families be blessed with love, hope and peace – and may their mothers get all the honor they deserve this Mother’s Day.

For more incredible stories of children and families touched by serious illness, click here.

(If you want more information about the “She’s With Me” fundraising campaign, running through Mother’s Day, click here.)



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