A Raye of Hope

I want to personally thank Collin Raye for his friendship and for caring so much about kids.


Collin has been on a media blitz this past week promoting his new album “Never Going Back”.  Not only has Collin been promoting his new album, but he has also been raising awareness and support for children with extraordinary medical expenses.


Raising money for children with medical issues is very dear to Collin’s heart because his granddaughter Haley was diagnosed with a debilitating neurological condition. He wrote a song for her called “She’s With Me”, a real tearjerker. You can hear him discuss Haley’s story and his engaging musical performances on NBC’s “The Today Show”, CBS’ “The Early Show”, FOX’s “Huckabee”, and “The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet”.


Also, you should check out the dozens of stories we’ve received from people all over the country who want to share their stories of heroic children and families facing serious illness. You can read these stories here and additional stories here. If you have a “She’s With Me” story of your own, feel free to leave it for other fans/parents/families to read. 

We are entering the last week of our fundraiser with Collin Raye and Time Life, and we really want to make this last week spectacular. Help us out by sharing with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and your blogs – or via e-mail – as we work toward making a significant donation. For any donation of $5 or more, we will give you a free download of Collin’s .mp3 “She’s With Me,” the song he wrote for and about his granddaughter Haley.

A lot of artists “lend” their name to charity programs. Some lend the heart. Collin has certainly given us both and I wanted to thank him and sing his praises a little.



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