The Impact of $50,000

We’re in the middle of a $50k fundraising initiative right now with Collin Raye, to help raise funds for families struggling with extraordinary medical expenses right now. It’s easy to see that $50k as a huge, insurmountable goal. However, if you break it down, if only half of Collin and Operation Kids gave $5, we’d raise well beyond that goal.

On the other hand, what can $50k do? Can it really make an impact? Can it really make a difference in children’s lives?

My response? Absolutely. Let me give you an example of how a $50k donation last winter made a difference to more than eight hundred families

Winter in Utah means skiing, snowboarding and an economic boom as people come to visit “The Greatest Snow on Earth.” For some families, however, the reality is much grimmer. Winter means going to bed cold, unable to afford rising heating costs; it means struggling to pay utilities and the rent or mortgage; for some it means bringing their families to shelters, or carving out space on the street – unable to provide even the most basic needs for their children. 

Last winter, in partnership with XanGo, an Operation Kids donation to the emergency assistance programs at Catholic Community Services was able to collectively help 830 struggling families receive assistance and opportunities to learn how to be healthy, productive, and self-sufficient members of the community. 

830 families – staying warm, staying safe, having a place to sleep – that made a big difference. The kind of difference we can collectively make through our current fundraising initiative.

In a letter to Operation Kids, CCS wrote:

CCS builds partnerships with individuals, businesses, churches, and community groups who share our passion.  In spite of our broad reach, CCS still requires support from organizations like Operation Kids, which have a strong reputation and demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of families and children in our community. The donation made by Operation Kids and XanGo allowed families and children throughout continue to receive the support they need to prevent hunger, avert homelessness, and move down the path toward self-sufficiency.

I am certain that each one of those 830 families feel that $50k makes an enormous impact.

The only challenge now? We have less than 5 weeks to raise the remaining funds. I’m confident we can do it. Find out how.



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