On Set at The Unit

Recently, I had the opportunity to invite some dear friends of Operation Kids, Deon and Mitzi Steckling, to spend the day on the set of the hit CBS series, The UNIT. The experience had been part of a contest at our Lifetime Achievement Award Gala in October 2008. Actor Dennis Haysbert was our host for the Gala, as well as our host on the set. Deon and Mitzi had won the experience and we were thrilled to have them there! We flew to L.A. the previous night and got up early for our big day. None of us had been on the set of a television show before and were excited to see what was in store!

 We arrived on the set and were greeted graciously by Mr. Haysbert and some of the crew. The set for the day was “on location” which means that is wasn’t in their usual studio. This location happened to be at a hotel (thank goodness we missed the dirt and desert scenes the day before!). We walked into the hotel and were shown around the set. One of the best parts about being on a televisions show set is all the delicious snacks! The crew is definitely well-fed. The scene for the day was set up in a ballroom, the director (who happened to be Dennis Haysbert that day), and the production crew were just outside the room where monitors were set up. They would shoot a scene and we would all watch it on the monitors. One of the most interesting things about the filming was that they shot each scene several times. The Stecklings and I felt like we could have jumped right in because we’d heard the script so many times!

 Later in the day we met actor Robert Patrick. He is a great guy and, despite his serious demeanor on the show, has a great sense of humor. It was such a fun day. Dennis Haysbert was the best host we could have asked for and made sure that we were having a great time. We really were “in good hands”!

That day they shot about 4 scenes total. It will possibly total 5 minutes of the show and took the entire day to film, which was so interesting! It will be so exciting to watch the actual episode that we watched develop. It aired this past, Sunday( March 22). You can catch a glimpse of what we were able to see by watching the episode here.

Project Manager, Operation Kids


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