Honoring John Walsh

The 2008 Operation Kids Lifetime Achievement Award Gala was this past Saturday. Presented by XanGo and America First Credit Union, the gala raised more than $850,000 for the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children, McGruff Safehouse and the Utah Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce.

I want to spend some time composing my thoughts, but I wanted to share some photos taken prior to and during the event by some of our volunteers.


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One response to “Honoring John Walsh

  1. On June 16, 2004 David Goldman said goodbye to his son, Sean, at Newark Airport. He didn’t know it at the time but his wife, Bruna, was in the process of abducting Sean and taking him to Brazil with no intention of ever returning. In the United States, we call this kidnapping. In Brazil, they call it “the mother’s wishes.” For over four years David has been fighting relentlessly against the Brazilian judicial system to win back custody of Sean and bring him home to their house in Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

    David is fighting the battle of his life and has run up against very powerful and influential families that have done all they can to prevent him from being reunited with Sean. He has exhausted virtually every legal option available to him in both the US and Brazil at great cost emotionally and financially. After Bruna’s sudden and tragic passing on August 22nd, we all assumed David would finally be able to see Sean and bring him home. Unfortunately, he is now in the midst of another custody battle, this time with Bruna’s new husband, João Paulo Lins e Silva.

    It has been four long and painful years for David Goldman. David was and is by all accounts a caring and loving father; he does not deserve this treatment. It is cruel and unjust, an affront to human decency. Enough is enough: we need your help in making sure the Brazilian government does the right thing and sends Sean home to his father. BringSeanHome.org was formed by David’s friends; our assistance and effort are solely focused on the goal of bringing Sean home. We hope that you will join us in this cause by writing, e-mailing or calling one or more of the people listed on the How to Help page.

    We invite you to read an open letter from David detailing the abduction, the parties involved, and the most recent turn of events. David’s Story, was forwarded to us from Brazil on September 20th.
    At http://www.bringseanhome.org

    David was interviewed by Meredith Vieira of the Today Show on NBC on Wednesday, September 24, 2008. The write up of the interview “Dad battles for son taken to Brazil four years ago” is on the Today Show web site.

    Please help David to bring his son home.

    Thanks for your attention.

    J. Thompson
    Vero Beach, Florida.

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