Forgotten Children, Part II

A note from Sara Brueck Nichols, Director of PR:

Last week I talked about our involvement in The Christmas Box Lifestart Initiative, an collaborative initiative between The Christmas Box International and Operation Kids, based on Richard Paul Evan’s new novel, Grace.

I wanted to share with you a very powerful video that gives more details about the initiative. It gives you an idea of the kind of struggles teens who age out of the foster care system face as well as the impact the Lifestart Kits (Part I of the initiative) have. It is a powerful witness to how great the need is for more resources and life skills more than 24,000 teens who age out of foster care each year need.

“It’s really important that people are really aware of what is going on in their community and with these kids, because there really are good kids, just with really bad things happening to them.” (Shelly Tripp, Realtor, former foster youth, on Christmas Box Lifestart Initiative video)


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