Internet Safety Day

I came across something that mentioned Family Safe Computers, based in Ohio, is trying to get parents to focus on Internet safety this Sunday – declaring September 28 “Internet Safety Day.” I thought it a very appropriate time as the kids are back in school and online for homework, chatting and games. September almost a second new year – the perfect time for reminding people to take action.

It of course, struck me even more as we try and finalize details for our 2008 Lifetime Achievement Award Gala in a couple of weeks. We have had a lot of positive response from companies and individuals wanting to make a difference, to honor John Walsh, to increase awareness of Internet safety. We have had people sign up to participate in the online Collin Raye tribute concert – streamed live from the gala. We are excited to get people talking. I think this is such an important topic.

It is such a critical conversation to have to prevent potential heartbreak and harm. I am hoping that parents everywhere will sit down with their children this Sunday and use it a starting point to open up a conversation about Internet and personal safety. No matter what we or any other organization does, it all comes down to what kind of dialogue parents have with their kids.

There are a number of great resources out there to help get the conversation started that I have found as I have been preparing for this year’s campaign. My hope is that one of these will help parents start a conversation with their child, pre-teen or teen.

FBI Parent’s Guide
Internet Safety Day Parent’s Guide
NCMEC’s NetSmartz program for parents and kids

I am always glad to hear when someone else is tackling the same types of programs and information campaigns that Operation Kids is – I hope Internet Safety Day is a success – because nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and well-being of our children.



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2 responses to “Internet Safety Day

  1. Mr. Rice and Internet Safety Day are also featured on in our Lifestyle section.
    As the creator of Internet Safety Day he offers quick tips for busy parents on how to address the important issues and vulnerabilities that the Internet can cause. Internet Safety is an important issue that is better addressed sooner rather than later. Talk to your children this Sunday, get involved, and keep your family safe.

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