One of Six

As a continuation of my blog from yesterday … I want to challenge you to be ONE OF SIX.

 Here is a low key, no fanfare, only-you-will-know-what-you-are-doing, won’t-cost-you-a-dime way to serve. Thank God that in most of our communities and in most of our lives, we have grandparents, teachers, aunts and uncles, coaches and music teachers, who fill these roles instinctively and unknowingly help us as parents, in keeping our kids on a path to happiness and success. But what if you decided to do it on purpose? What if you identified a couple of kids on your community who you could reach out to? What kind of difference could that make?

 If you have kids, especially teens, you realize that there comes a point where just about any opinion trumps yours. Don’t be mad at that; be grateful there are coaches and teachers and extended family who can communicating with them. And may I just suggest that YOU could be that voice of reason or experience or guidance, for a child other than your own.  

I believe we all have a responsibility, first and foremost, to care for our own children. To meet their needs and give them the opportunities that lead to happiness and success.

 But I also see a progression that begins in our own homes and quite naturally moves outward from there: It flows like this: make sure your own children have a chance. Make sure they are loved and accepted and that they have all of you that you can give.


 When you feel you are doing all you can there, you may want to step out of the circle. You may look around and realize that YOU could be one of the six to a kid in the neighborhood, perhaps a friend of one of your kids. You could coach, you could volunteer, you could mentor. You could do a lot of things.

 Have you got the time to give of yourself just a little bit every day?  Now I realize fully that parenting is a more than full-time job. But could you just reach out to your children and their friends and provide a little mentoring? A little support? A little connection?

 It a little thing to do. It may seem insignificant. It may seem like it is not enough. I disagree. Being one of six–where you know by name the children who may need help.  You are in a position in this type of service, to make sure you are providing a one-on-one benefit that is unlike any other.

 It may not be as dramatic as international humanitarian aid, but children need to be known by name; If they DO, they are changed for the better. If they do NOT, if they do not feel named, they retreat. They withdraw. They lose hope. It’s that simple. Filling that need is, in my opinion, among the highest and purest levels of service.

 You have one circle of influence; your home. Make that as strong as you can make it. If you feel you have it in you, expand the circle a little. Look around at the neighborhood and perhaps the friends of your children or grandchildren. Could you perhaps be one of six for them?

 If you are inclined draw the circle a little bigger; you would be surprised how easy and fulfilling it is become active on a community level. If you want to draw the circle on a global level, that opportunity is open as well.  

If you have a talent, give that. If you have time, give that. If you have financial resources, give that. But do it with some expectation of results. Your efforts should make a difference. It may take a while, but go into it expecting to make a difference; expecting results. That is not an arrogant attitude it is an enlightened one.

 In tomorrow’s post, I want to talk about expecting results in regards to donations, in Part III of what I shared with the credit union directors.


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