Playing with the big boys

Operation Kids was proud to be one of four benefited charities in the first annual Pro Sports Team Challenge. The event aired this past weekend on FSN (Fox Sports Network) and if you did not see it, you may want to check listings for a re-run of the event. It proved to be all that was advertised and more.

Golf Saturday

A quick overview of the event may spark your appetite. The challenge involved teams of 4 from all of the major professional sports: Basketball, Baseball, Football, and Hockey. Each team chose a charity to benefit.  Operation Kids was chosen by the NFL team captain Drew Brees, as its benefiting charity.

The hockey team was the favored foursome going into the event because those guys can really golf! However, when you throw 16 professional athletes on a golf course, the competitive nature kicks in and after two days of play, the winner was not decided until the final hole.
Golf Check for charity

Drew and the NFL guys faced some tough competition but hung on to a strong second place showing, earning Operation Kids $75,000. By way of full disclosure and good sportsmanship, the Baseball team took first earning $100,000 for their charity. Congrats!

We applaud the organizers of this event for making charitable giving a priority in the event’s first year. The men behind the event are just that kind of people and the charities that were involved are grateful.

The national broadcast on FSN was also a chance for Operation Kids to launch its new message to donors. If you have thirty-seconds, take a look at our new television spot.
Operation Kids will put our gift to work for the children of New Orleans. Thank you Drew, LaDainian, John and Michael. It was fun to watch and you helped a lot of deserving kids.


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