Ragnar Relays-Wasatch Back

As you know, Operation Kids has been the fortunate beneficiary of some great events. As I prepare for a weekend in Palm Springs with the NFL contingent of the Pro Sports Team Challenge, I am keenly aware of the power these great sporting events can have to help kids.

The support continues, and I want to tell you about a great event that began right here in Utah along a stretch of mountain road known by locals as “The Wasatch Back.”

Dan Hill and Tanner Bell are two young guys with a love for running and a desire to give back. What they have created is extraordinary, and Operation Kids is proud to be part of it.

Dan and Tanner created a company called Ragnar Events. They create running events using a “relay marathon” format. You need to see this to fully appreciate it, but the short story is: a team of runners, of all levels of ability, run as a team and are immediately hooked.

The Utah event is now just one of many, as they have expanded into Minnesota, Florida, Arizona and Texas (just to name a few.) They will stage over 25 races nationally by 2009. Way to go guys!

From Operation Kids’ perspective, what does Ragnar mean to kids and communities? In the case of these events, it means a lot.

Over the past two years, Ragnar has raised significant amounts of money through its events:
• $10k plus for Rocky Mountain Middle School in Heber, Utah
• $5k for public schools in Arizona
• $5k to help with orthopedic research in Minnesota
• $4k for public schools in Wisconsin
• $5k to raise awareness for colon cancer screening in Washington State
• $5k for breast cancer research at their 2007 Arizona event

Operation Kids love this concept. As the Ragnar Relays pass through a community, they leave behind some important footprints, namely, hope for kids. The 2008 Wasatch Back will create proceeds that contribute to school programs created by the American Heart Association, along with youth programs in schools all along the race course. We are in the process of finding great and worthy programs in other race locations including Texas, Florida and Maryland.

Check out their web site and see if Ragnar is coming to your community. Thanks Dan and Tanner and continued success with a fun and effective way to help kids.


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