Lusher Field Gift from NADA

Last week was an exciting milestone for our New Orleans “Rebuilding Dreams” campaign, as we received our biggest gift to date, a $400,000 contribution from the National Automobile Dealers Charitable Foundation (NADCF) to rebuild the athletic field at Lusher Charter School. Construction of the field should begin in the next month and be completed in October.  Once completed, the field will be used for competitive football, soccer, baseball and softball, and for physical education classes at the school.

In addition to the NADCF gift, the Allstate Foundation earlier donated $50,000 to the project.  The Brees Dream Foundation also contributed a significant amount to rebuilding the field.

There were several reasons why we chose to support Lusher:
First, Lusher is a great school academically – with early college credit classes, gifted/talented programs, and AP courses – and creatively – the school incorporates the arts throughout the curriculum with comprehensive arts education (CAE) and an award-winning performing arts program.  We wanted to help with the third leg of its curriculum – athletics.

Second, we believe in the leadership of the school, from the president and principal and board members to its staff, students and parents.  They are innovative, they work hard, they are accountable, and they have a vision to create one of the top schools in New Orleans.  And they are well on their way to doing that.

Finally, this field will be used by more than Lusher students – neighboring schools and local recreation programs will also play games there. Parks, playgrounds and athletic facilities are in short supply in New Orleans; this field will help address that problem.  It will become a magnet for the surrounding community.

On behalf of the kids at Lusher, we extend our deepest gratitude to NADCF for their very generous gift.  We also thank our charity partners in New Orleans, Drew and Brittany Brees; Drew’s agent, Chris Stuart; and the folks at the Greater New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau for working so hard to make this happen.

As with all our New Orleans projects, we did a very thorough assessment of the Lusher School athletic field project before approving it.  We’ll continue to monitor the project closely as it moves forward to ensure that all funds are spent efficiently and effectively.


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