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For the next couple of weeks we are focusing our fundraising efforts on our 3-year initiative to raise money for playgrounds for the children of New Orleans. Operation Kids has joined together with the AllState Foundation, New Orleans Recreation Department and Injury Free Coalition for Kids to give the children of New Orleans a safe place to play.

Visit our social networking community here to create your fundraising page in behalf of Operation Kids. It is simple and easy. The money donated through will go to building playgrounds like Lyons Park. Lyons Park, a safe, state-of-the-art neighborhood playground, was completed in January 2008.

Lyons Park is just the first of several planned “Little Hands” playgrounds in New Orleans – the partners today have a goal of at least five new playgrounds over three years – which will be based on support from people like you. Help us make this reality.

You can even make a donation in lieu of weddings, birthdays or new baby gifts. This can easily be done online simply by creating a fundraising page at

If you are not interested in creating a fundraising page, but are still interested in donating or donating for someone else visit our project here.

Thanks again for all your support.


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