Giving Hope … Making Miracles (Part III)

The Saunders’ story is still unfolding – one miracle received and now they hope for a second. Martin recently wrote in the boys’ COTA online journal: “We continue to ask for prayers for both boys as they are still healing and will be for some time to come. But, we are so incredibly thankful for the progress made so far. Thank you to all of you, family and friends, for your many prayers, thoughts, and ways you’ve shown us love. We are eternally appreciative.”
braden-and-trevin-web.jpgBrayden and Trevin Saunders are two of the more than 1,200 patients COTA has helped since its inception 22 years ago. During this time, COTA has helped raise more than $48 million for patients’ transplant-related expenses. Along the way, we have shared tears, helped conquer obstacles, celebrated miracles, and always … we have hoped.

If you would like to learn more about Brayden and Trevin Saunders, please go to, or you can visit for a complete list of children who are waiting for their miracle.

Hoping for miracles,

Rick Lofgren
President of COTA


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