Survey Results Part III

Back to the survey, there is also an interesting point to be made as you look at this list of top issues. Three of the four: teen drinking, teen pregnancy and schoolyard bullies all have a common denominator; they are issues resulting from individual behavior. They are the result of making a decision that is not the best decision for that child, but they are ultimately decisions made by the child.

This is where a commitment to the well-being of children becomes complicated.

We want our children to be healthy, happy, safe and educated. We want them to have every opportunity. We hope and pray that as they grow, as they progress beyond elementary school to middle school and then on to high school, that we have instilled in them all of the necessary elements that enable them to make the right decisions.

With this perspective, Operation Kids rightly aims its resources and attention at all of those things that impact a parent’s ability to be a good parent. And it is why we are so insistent on only supporting programs and charities that can demonstrate real results. There is so much at stake when it comes to our kids.

With your help and guidance, we will continue to research and look for those programs that really speak to the core issues. There are several other issues on the list, but with these four rising to the top we see a pattern of common concerns. We will continue to look for ways to address those concerns.

In the meantime, please continue to send this survey to anyone you can. We want to observe the trends among the largest possible audience. Know also that we will be breaking down some of these issues into more detail in future surveys. This is all intended to give you a voice and ask you to guide our efforts as we seek to support the most effective programs addressing the most compelling and far-reaching issues.


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