Survey results part II

We have been discussing the results of the survey internally.  Please permit just a few thoughts at this stage in the process.

If you were to summarize this list in broad strokes (all of which are close in numbers), most of the people we are talking to are concerned that:

  • Their kids, first and foremost, stay away from drugs and alcohol
  • Their kids make it through the teen years free from the complications of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease
  • Their children are safe and free from violence, particularly the kind that targets them and affects not only their safety but their self-esteem
  • Kids have the chance to receive a quality education

While I am stating the obvious, I am also taking statistical data and using it to sketch a happy, healthy child. What the response is saying so far confirms the Whole Child concept and validates our approach that there is no single issue that runs away from the rest.

The survey reaffirms that in order for a child to have a bright future, they ideally need to have certain, basic opportunities—chief among them being a safe and healthy environment in which to gain an education. We agree.


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