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If you have been following our growth online, you are no doubt aware that we have been working very hard for the last few months to establish a greater online presence. This blog and a new Web site are among the “upgrades.” We have also found that all the trends point to the fact that people prefer to make charitable donations online. We are responding to that preference. And as it turns out, we have a preference for this as well because operating online is the most cost-effective and efficient method for us to provide donors with updates and progress reports.

As part of this online expansion we are very proud of our new presence on is the first company dedicated to helping nonprofits use social networking technology to meet their objectives and accomplish their goals. Our site is actually our very own social networking site, customized to help us better engage our supporters, recruit new donors, build a strong online community and spread viral fundraising and advocacy campaigns across the Web.

The rapidly growing popularity of social networking has caused us to wonder where we should focus our efforts. While we have a presence on Care2 Connect, Facebook, CafeMom and MySpace we knew we needed a social network that was fully functional (similar to Facebook), but customized for a nonprofit like Operation Kids. Our social networking site has the ability to post specific fundraising campaigns, update donors on the progress of projects they’ve funded and capture important data about supporters and donors.

We are excited for our future on Please take a moment to click through and become familiar with this great social networking site—feel free to write on our wall if you would like!


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