Progress Report: New Orleans

We released a release today on the status of our projects in New Orleans as part of the “Rebuilding Dreams in New Orleans” campaign. I’ve included the copy of the release below. I encourage you to click on the links and view the photos/videos of the projects. We are very excited that there is a lot of good happening for the children of New Orleans.

Operation Kids™ Highlights Results of New Orleans Campaign
“Rebuilding Dreams in New Orleans” Campaign
sees successes, completion of several projects

Operation Kids, an international non-profit organization dedicated to supporting effective children’s charities, has issued a report on the status of their “Rebuilding Dreams in New Orleans” campaign, a project dedicated to bringing accountability and assistance to deserving local New Orleans nonprofits. Target programs fill critical needs for the city’s children.

“One of the key tenets of Operation Kids, and our partnership with Drew & Brittany Brees, is that we demand results,” said Rick Larsen, president of Operation Kids. “We continue to see examples of what isn’t happening in New Orleans. We want to show what is happening. There are a lot of good things happening and each and every project we complete helps the city and its children take a measurable step forward.”

Operation Kids and the Brees Dream Foundation, founded by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife Brittany, are focused on “Rebuilding Dreams in New Orleans.” They have been working with selected New Orleans organizations for nearly a year to fund and rebuild classroom facilities, athletic facilities, parks and playgrounds, after-school programs, mentoring programs, neighborhood revitalization projects and childcare facilities.

Because measurable success has been hard to come by, Operation Kids is proud to announce roster of COMPLETED PROJECTS:

New Orleans Charter Science & Math High School – A new outdoor activity area for physical education and classroom activities was rebuilt. Completion: September 2007.
Royal Castle Child Development Center – now a model, state-of-the-art childcare center for up to 100 preschool-aged children, the center resides in one of the hardest hit areas of New Orleans. It was rebuilt and upgraded. Completion: December 2007.
Lusher Charter School – A new weight room for use by the school’s student-athletes. Completion: November 2007.
Lyons Center Park – As part of a partnership with The Allstate Foundation and Injury Free Coalition for Kids, Operation Kids participated in rebuilding a neighborhood playground. Project announcement: December 2007. Completion: January 2008.

Additional video footage is available on our YouTube channel.


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