Progress Report: New Orleans

December has been a busy time for Operation Kids. Of course our main goal as always is…results. While it is a great thing to be busily engaged in good works, it is doubly rewarding to see the results of those efforts and watch young lives change for the better.If you haven’t visited the web site lately, there is a beautiful new weight room at Lusher Charter School and a playground at the New Orleans Charter School of Science and Math. Just yesterday we cut the ribbon at Royal Castle Child Development Center in New Orleans that anyone would be proud to have in their community, and on December 11 we announced a supporting relationship with the Allstate Foundation and the Injury Free Coalition for Kids to build child-safe playgrounds in New Orleans for the next three years.People who care and objectives with a finish line: it’s a powerful combination. That is what Operation Kids is all about and we have found friends and partners all around New Orleans and in 2007, all around the world. May I just thank not only the large corporate partners with names you would recognize, but also the countless individuals and families who have made contributions of all sizes in support of our efforts this year. We are reminded daily of the cumulative effect even the smallest of donations can have.It’s nice to see some good going on in a place that so desperately needs it.


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