Where Does Your Money Really Go?

There was an article by Contribute Magazine on MSNBC.com this morning, “Where does your money really go?” that addresses the very same thing I did in $300 Billion to Change the World.

An exerpt:

By many measures, this is the golden age of the charitable-industrial complex: gifts are up. Growth is off the charts. These days, nearly everybody seems in on a benevolent act or the catalyst for one — movie stars, rock stars, former presidents, financiers, school teachers, and CEOs. From all appearances, the nonprofit sector has never been so positioned to make substantial headway against challenges such as disease, poverty, and environmental calamity.

How much is squandered?
Yet as Americans give away more money than ever before — the total amount of U.S. philanthropy is on track to top $300 billion this year — an unpleasant question lingers: how much of that money is well-spent, and how much of it is squandered? The uncomfortable truth: no one knows for sure, and even worse, few are checking.

I am glad someone is asking questions. This is a key initiative for Operation Kids – demanding accountability and transparency in nonprofit organizations – specifically, those that deal with children and children’s issues.

I encourage you to read the full article here.


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