Food for Thought

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, two things tend to share the limelight: Food and Gratitude.I am excited about a new cookbook coming out, Family Comfort Favorites, written by Kim Warren, who is passionate about food, but is also just as passionate about one of the causes Operation Kids believes in: making the world better for children with intellectual disabilities.

She is donating a portion of the proceeds of each cookbook sold to Operation Kids to be used to help the Best Buddies program, which holds a special place in her heart.

The introduction to her cookbook provides an insight into the type of impact Operation Kids, through its partners, tries to make on a child’s life.

“I have been around food longer than I can remember and I’ve taken more cooking classes than I can count.

My mom is a very good cook, and growing up I always loved being in the kitchen with her. I was also inspired by my sweet grandma, Anna Pizza, who was born and spent her early years in Italy. Food is not just sustenance to Italians, it is a way of life. Food is the needle and thread that brings family and friends together.

Just like I loved being in the kitchen with my mom, my own children love to be in the kitchen with me. It tickles me that they like to cook too, and that I can share my passion for food and these special moments with them.

Some of these special moments take place with my oldest son, Charlie. He has always liked helping me in the kitchen. Charlie was born with a rare developmental syndrome called Rubenstein-Taybies syndrome. As a family we face special challenges with Charlie and in return we reap many rewards from having a child with special needs.

A few years ago I became acquainted with an organization called Operation Kids and their Whole Child concept of helping kids. I was touched to learn that kids with intellectual disabilities were included in their “community” of issues and that Best Buddies was an approved and benefited charity. Best Buddies provides mentoring for teens and adults with mental disabilities. It is a wonderful organization that works with individuals near and dear to my heart. With the help of Operation Kids, it is a group that I am proud to donate a portion of each cookbook sold.”

We are delighted to partner with Kim, to help her make an impact on a child’s life, the way Best Buddies impacts so many others’ lives.

This year, the spirit of gratitude lives through the wonderful food illustrated in Kim’s book; it lives through those whose lives are impacted by the wonderful people at Best Buddies; and, it is my hope, it lives through each person at Operation Kids who sits down this season to give thanks for all the good in our lives.

Edited: Several people have asked me where they can purchase the cookbook. You can find it on by clicking here. More information about Kim is available here.



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3 responses to “Food for Thought

  1. Robert G

    It warms my heart everytime I see a Best Buddy volunteer with their Buddy. This are very special people and God blees those who love them and spend time with them.

  2. Diana

    I agree and I think Operation Kids is one of the best organizations helping kids there is. I’ll have to check out your cookbook where can I find it?

  3. Kim Warren

    Thanks Rick! This was great! I will forward it to my list.


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