Reaching Out Online

Web sites have become such a standard part of business. For a nonprofit, it’s a critical component, because potential advocates and donors want all of the information they can about an organization before they commit to a cause or donate money.

However, putting a website together is not that simple. Anyone who has been through the process – and that includes nearly everyone – realizes there is an art in the technology and execution.

We just launched our new website. It was a long time in coming. I am confident the effort will be rewarded by the improved information provided to those who visit the site.

We changed the site because we felt it was important for people to have an “experience” when they visit We wanted to create a place that keeps current supporters informed and offers the first-time visitor an educational and even emotional experience.

For me, however, it was more than that. Accountability is more than just a concept. It needs information to back it up. Yes, I want a place for people to keep informed, but more importantly, I want a place that backs up what we believe in.

Our task at Operation Kids is to change the lives of children, to engage a generous public and connect needs with resources. To do that requires an enormous amount of trust on the part of our public. To me, the job of a nonprofit, especially a children’s nonprofit, is to leave no doubt in a person’s mind as to the impact and use of their donation – whether in time or in dollars.

My hope is the new website does a better job of providing information on who we are and how we demand accountability in all that we do. It’s part of our new initiatives to start a conversation about the issues affecting children and accountability in solving those issues.

If you visit the site, and I hope you do, you will see the standard links designed to introduce ourselves, but you will also see links that show truly miraculous things. As we continue to develop the site you will soon see the changes that are coming about in New Orleans through our efforts with Drew Brees (Go Saints!). Some said it couldn’t be done, but we did our homework and we knew better.

See how we define issues and determine our partners. Discover more about our efforts and the long-term effect of an organization that demands accountability and results. Visit often as we add resource pages as a service to parents, teachers and community leaders on some of the leading thought on the issues most affecting our children.

And join the conversation – let me know how you think we are doing.


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